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  • ZM-R6823 automatic advanced BGA rework station with optical alignment system

    1,Adopt adjustable CCD color optical system
    2,with a beam split, zoom in, zoom out and micro-adjust functions,
    3,automatic chromatism resolution and brightness adjustment system, can adjust the clearness of the image,
    4,Automatic desolder solder mounting feeding system
  • High Quality Welding /Soldering Fume Extractor DX5000

    Suitable for the places include factories that produce electronic products/LED/toys/ precise metal/cars/laser work/metal polish/medical treatment etc.
    Our products adapt changeable single/double stations and multiple filtration equipment, including primary/medium/high efficiency filter (HEPA).
    Purifying rate 99.97, the purified air can be released directly inside rooms.
    Efficient to protect you from lead smoke and poisonous fume or dust.
  • Zhuomao ZM-APS3005DM adjustable DC power supply DC power supply repair notebook necessary

    The device can be automatically converted at constant voltage constant current mode, the state decided to compare the results of the load current and the current limit values.
    1. constant voltage mode CV
    Present current value than the current value of the output limit hour setting, the power supply is in constant voltage mode, then the front panel of the constant voltage (CV) ③ green indicator light, the output voltage will be controlled and set with the same value, the current It will be with the load changes.
    2. The constant current mode (CC)
    When the current value of the output current exceeds the limit, the device will work in constant current mode, constant on the front panel lights red indicator ⑨ output current value controlled to the set value, due to the output power can not overload, the output voltage It will be lower than the set value. When the output current is lower than the set value, the device will automatically be converted to constant current state.
  • high performance BGA Rework Station ZM-680D with Joystick control,Motor drive ,CCD HD imagin system

    1,Panasonic servo drives,
    2,joystick control, micrometer adjustment
    3, X-shaped infrared laser positioning
    4,6-8 Rapid heating and cooling settings
    5,automatic feeding ,feeding systems are optional;

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